We Make Things Happen

If you are looking to position your brand display banners (standard IAB sizes) are a effective way to get substantial reach across the expat network. Targeted display campaigns are available in a range of verticals and special interest.

Our site-takeovers will certainly get your message across. Same formats as regular display ads (image, text, html5 ,video), but served on steroids. Truly high-impact, site-takeovers are perfect for branding campaigns, since they will engage the website visitors on a whole other level.

Mobile targeting does still require a tailored approach for conversion driven campaigns. As an essential part of your customers journey we work with mobile platforms and formats that we know hit your targets.

Video messaging sticks. Used for prospecting, social remarketing, website, animated or carefully executed live action productions, videos are consumed on every device, all the time. We help you to produce and get the message out there as an integral part of your campaigns.

Ads in emails or dedicated email blasts, we can advertise your company and products in emails, newsletters of selected publishers and via our shortlisted email databases. The email can be designed according to your wishes and altered to a specific target audience. Get in touch if you like to know more on how you can use email and marketing automation.

We work with a proven pool of expert content and copywriters that have been working in the field for years. Producing the right content and tailoring the pieces, allows you to reach expats on sites they know and trust. 

Print isn’t dead! Well.. revived then. There are multiple, very popular, printed editions of magazines and newspapers aimed at expats in the Netherlands. It is a great way of reaching your potential customers in a lasting format. There are only a handful of publications available for the Netherlands, so you will make an impact.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Our team has mastered the unique skill of micro-targeted search campaigns for expats. The complexity of languages, culture, geo and variation of search engines used by expats can create challenges most agencies consider a nightmare… We welcome these challenges!

Social Media Campaigns

Our goal is to assist in maximizing interaction and exposure via your social media activities, directly targeting lucrative segments in your chosen target audience. Social media advertising is available for virtually every platform, including community management and maintenance. Let us know if  you need help selecting the right social platform and formulate strategy. 

Innovative Copy & Banner Design

We create banner ads with carefully designed visuals and hard-hitting text messages, boosting results of your banner advertising campaigns.

Content Production

We offer content creation; tailored content which fits your brand. It will not only benefit your website, but also its search engine results. We know what expats want to read.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to any successful expat marketing campaign. We will optimize your website to organically rank higher in web search results. 

Measurement & Reporting

We measure and report the results of the campaign. Our reports are benchmarks, from which we evaluate and optimize for even better results. We offer clear insights in what works for your brand.

Extensive reach into the expat market and more..

We go beyond merely combining the extensive knowledge and experience of our expanded partner network. We assist in enabling and maximizing your online presence by defining, understanding and targeting your ideal customers. In addition we advise in selecting and applying the most appropriate online marketing techniques.

Convenience of a full-service expat marketing network in one location

Full-service means we provide a combination of broad-based marketing related assistance and services, including vital strategic orientation, branding and other types of tailored general-and-tactical online marketing campaigns.