We understand expats


So what does the expat community in the Netherlands look like?

The ICP says there are about 500,000 internationals living and working in the Netherlands and they can be roughly divided into two groups: the ‘global citizens’ who settle here, stay for eight years on average or do not expect to leave the country at all, and the ‘free movers’, the growing number of ‘short stay’ internationals who stay approximately one year or less.

Did you know that expats in the Netherlands are predominantly male? Based on data from the Dutch national bureau of statistics, about two thirds of the expats in the Netherlands are male.

The Netherlands also has had the least number of bankruptcies since 2008. The Dutch economy is doing well and expats flock towards the places they and their families want to be. The location of a business is becoming less significant as the world becomes more connected. All these reasons make the Netherlands an attractive place to work for expats.


Why are we your preferred agency to target expats?

Knowing and understanding the industry you are interested in is a crucial part of being able to reach it. For a media agency such as WeProgramPremium it’s all about the little things. A generic advertising company will be well aware of what expats are by definition, but knowing the facts about both the environment that attracts expats and the details of who exactly these expats are can make the biggest difference in reaching your audience successfully. That is what we do.

At WeProgramPremium we specialize in paying close attention to the ever-changing expat audience we work with. We go beyond being a regular media agency, with an audience that is very international and of a specific mindset; a tailored version of advertising is required. This is exactly what we offer: expat advertising, helping you reach the expat network you want to connect with.

We understand your audience

It is not easy to understand exactly how to efficiently reach your audience in the right manner. We provide an extensive platform through which you will be able to present your product or services. We will deliver them to the specific expat audience you wish to target. We make sure that by the end of the campaign, your audience will be well aware of and interested in your brand.

We target expats through smart media buying

Through smart media buying, WeProgramPremium is able to target your intended expat audience efficiently. Media buying, also referred to as ‘practitioners in media’, is simply a fancy term for knowing the prime time and space for advertising. However, we consider it to be an art form. Media buying is a well-refined skill at which we, specializing in expats, are able to offer you the very best.